Long-term effect of no-tillage on soil organic matter fractions in rainfed Aragon (NE Spain) .

Nuria Blanco-Moure, Ana Bielsa, Ricardo Gracia, María Victoria López


This paper assesses the long-term effect of no-tillage (NT) on soil organic carbon (OC) content and its distribution among different organic matter fractions in rainfed agrosystems of Aragón (NE Spain). Adjacent fields of NT, conventional tillage (CT) and natural soils (NAT) were compared in three different cereal production areas. In the soil surface, the higher OC content found in the NAT soils was due to the particulate organic matter. In the case of agricultural soils, in general, the fractions responsible for the OC increase under NT were the fine particulate organic matter and the mineral-associated organic matter occluded within stable microaggregates.
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