Sesbania Rostrata as alternative nutrient source for the rice crop .


This study evaluated the effect of using the green manure Sesbania rostrata as a preceding crop on the agricultural yield of rice. The rice was cultivated with two levels of mineral fertilizers (50 and 100% of the economical optimum level of N-P-K). Additionally, the contribution to the nitrogen nutrition of rice from the green manure previously incorporated into the soil was studied in pots using 15N stable isotope analysis. The results indicated that the Sesbania rostrata incorporation allowed the paddy rice yield to increase by at least 1 Mg ha-1 and to save 50% of the mineral fertilization employed, during two consecutive harvests. The 15N isotope analysis showed that although the N accumulation by the crop was significantly stimulated, the green manure N did not contribute directly to the growth of the rice plants, at least during their first cycle. Nevertheless, it is expected that in the medium term, the organic N derived from this green manure would restore the soil mineralized N extracted by the rice crop, thereby balancing the N losses in the system and even improving the soil nitrogen fertility.
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