Estimation of fertility in volcanic soils (Tenerife, Spain) on winter wheat using remote sensing and GIS

María Mercedes Hernández González, Desiderio Alberto Francisco-Bethencourt


The production of potatoes and cereals in Tenerife (Spain) is concentrated in the middle zone of the island. The system of traditional agricultural production is based on the rotation of potatoes with winter wheat in dry conditions. To increase the productivity of these crops, it is necessary to know the availability and distribution pattern of the nutrients, in order to measure the factors that contribute to determine the predictive rate of fertility levels. The objective of this study is to determine the quantitative characteristics, relations and parameters of the fertility model, using predictive variables estimated by Landsat-8 OLI satellite images and field data for specific conditions of the soils analyzed. The results allow the establishment of a multiple linear regression model to estimate fertility, depending on pH, aluminum and boron variables. Auxiliary geographical information is presented with the distribution of pH, aluminum and boron. Using analytical tools (overlay) of Geographic Information Systems, a digital map of the fertility ranges (adequate, limited, conditioned and unfit) was developed. The study reveals that 57% of the surface has soil with limited fertility. These maps can be used in future inspection of soils and in agricultural management. 

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