Vol 5 No 2 (2015)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.3232/SJSS.2015.V5.N2.00

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Letter of the Editor-In-Chief

The IV Iberian Congress of Soil Science took place during the month of June 2014 in Santiago de Compostela. Five plenary lectures and more than 150 papers covering, transversally, all disciplines of soil science were presented. The Spanish Journal of Soil Science, through the careful editing by Drs Maria Teresa Silva Barral and Montserrat Diaz-Raviña, as guest editors, is pleased to publish two special issues with a selection of articles derived from the Congress, which have been revised through the standard review process of SJSS. The articles presented in this second special issue deal with soil and water pollution and sanitation, forest and wetland soil quality, and the effects of fire on soils. We thank the guest editors, the authors and the reviewers for the scientific quality of their work that will help to increase the quality of the SJSS.


Rosa M. Poch

Table of Contents

Soil quality, soils and environmental quality, soil use, soil use changes and sustainability

Thirty years of research on soil quality in forest systems under Mediterranean conditions. Trends and future
Manuel Madeira

Genesis, morphology and micromorphology of soils

Wetland soils under rice management and seawater intrusion: Characterization and classification
Héctor Moreno-Ramón, Ángel Marqués-Mateu, Sara Ibáñez-Asensio, Juan Manuel Gisbert Blanquer

Soil management and land degradation, soil contamination, soil technology, protection and remediation

Remediation of a copper mine soil with organic amendments: compost and biochar versus Technosol and biochar
Alfonso Rodríguez-Vila, Verónica Asensio, Rubén Forján, Emma F. Covelo
Use of elemental sulphur as an acidifying soil amendment for Brassica napus cultivation
Mª Elvira López-Mosquera, Adolfo López-Fabal, Marta Illera Vives, Socorro Seoane Labandeira
Heavy metals in pastureland soils situated in A Pastoriza (NW Spain) treated with cattle slurry and NPK fertilizers
Natalia Seco-Reigosa, María J. Fernández-Sanjurjo, Avelino Núñez-Delgado, Laura Cutillas-Barreiro, Antía Gómez-Armesto, Juan Carlos Nóvoa-Muñoz, Manuel Arias-Estévez, Esperanza Álvarez-Rodríguez
Impact of thermal shock on forest soils affected by fires of different severity and recurrence
Alba Lombao, Ana Barreiro, Javier Cancelo-González, Ángela Martín, Montserrat Díaz-Raviña
A microcosm study of permeable reactive barriers filled with granite powder and compost for the treatment of water contaminated with Cr (VI)
Javier Cancelo-González, Diego Martiñá Prieto, Remigio Paradelo, María Teresa Barral

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