Vol 3 No 3 (2013)

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Letter from Editor in Chief

 The 14th International Working Meeting on Soil Micromorphology -the quadrennial meeting of Commission 1.1 of the International Union of Soil Science- was held in Lleida in July 2012. At the meeting it was decided that the Spanish Journal of Soil Science would publish a selection of communications derived from sessions 1 to 4 of the 14th IWM, with Irina Kovda (Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences) and Curtis Monger (U. New Mexico) as guest editors. One year later, after a careful selection process and manuscript review, it is my pleasure to introduce the special issues 3-2 and 3-3 of the SJSS dedicated to the soil micromorphologists Ulrich Babel (1931-2011) and Nicolas Fedoroff (1934-2013).

On behalf of the editorial board, I would like to express my gratitude to the guest editors for the rigor and quality of their work, the authors for their participation, the referees for their careful review process, and the professionalism of the Universia team. Thanks to them, the scientific community will have - in open access - high-quality publications on current advances on soil micromorphology and its applications. As with the proceedings of previous meetings, this will undoubtedly also represent a reference work in this discipline.

Table of Contents

Genesis, morphology and micromorphology of soils

Zheltozems of Russia: Micromorphology, clay minerals, and pedogenetic analysis .
Maria Gerasimova, Ilya Gurov, Natalia Chizhikova
Dark humic alluvial paleosols in Central and Southern Mexico: Micromorphological indicators of Late Pleistocene megafauna habitats .
Rosa E. Tovar, Berenice Solís, Sergey Sedov, Elizabeth Solleiro
Micromorphology of hydromorphic soils developed in fluvio-marine sediments during the Middle-Late Pleistocene transit in the Gulf of Cadiz (Atlantic South Spain) .
Elvira Roquero, Cari Zazo, Cristino J. Dabrio, Pablo G. Silva, Jose Luis Goy, Francisco Borja
History of pedogenesis and geomorphic processes in the Valley of Teotihuacán, Mexico: Micromorphological evidences from a soil catena .
M. Lourdes González-Arqueros, Jorge E. Gama Castro, Sergey Sedov, Lorenzo Vázquez-Selem, Emily McClung de Tapia
Fabric of topsoil horizons in aridic soils of Central Asia .
Marina Lebedeva, Olga Kutovaya
Modern and relict features in clayey cryogenic coils: Morphological and micromorphological identification .
Irina Kovda, Marina Lebedeva

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